Woolies shopping list

Online shopping list - mainly from Woolies (who have NOT paid me to do this!)

Higher protein foods


Roasted chickpeas

Cheese, e.g. fetta, cheddar

Ready grated cheese, e.g. mozzarella

Sustainable fish, e.g. MSC-certified such as Jamie Oliver fishcakes

Veggie burgers


Red meat, e.g. lean beef mince

Vegetarian ‘mince’, e.g. Quorn

Tinned tuna

*Dried legumes, e.g. lentils

*Tinned legumes, e.g. red kidney beans


Nuts and seeds, e.g. sunflower

Reduced salt baked beans

Low fat cow’s milk or a plant-based milk, like soy

Natural yoghurt 

Yoghurt pouches


Lower GI and higher fibre higher-in-carbohydrate foods


Rolled oats or quick oats


Low GI brown rice

Quick cook brown rice/quinoa mixes, e.g. here

Higher fibre pasta, e.g. Vetta


Wholemeal couscous

Buckwheat (soba) noodles

Low GI wraps

Barley+ wraps (Coles only)

Barley+ cereal, e.g. this


Fruits and veggies

The Odd Bunch

Frozen veg, e.g. corn and peas

Low GI Carisma potatoes (Coles only)

Unsweetened beetroot

Tinned tomatoes

See legumes * above

Consider trying out Ooooby



Extra virgin olive oil


Coffee and black or peppermint tea

Dark chocolate

Peanut butter

Muesli bars, e.g. here or here

Cacao spread

‘Energy balls’

Sweet nut snacks

‘Lentil’ chips, e.g. these

Brown rice crackers

Dips, e.g. hummus, beetroot and almond


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