Fork power

There is
in what
to eat and drink

Lots of ants work together to achieve magnificent things. Humans can do the same.

What you choose to eat and drink every day affects the world around you in many ways. From farmers, to livestock, to waterways, to climate change.

See the quick guides below for information on how to make small, realistic and sustainable steps to help change the world for the better using your fork power!

Please note that these guides are 100% INDEPENDENT, i.e. I have NOT received ANY money from ANY company to promote their product or service.

Please contact me to let me know about any product or service that I have not listed!

Woolworths supermarket shopping list

Fairtrade chocolate, coffee, tea, etc.

The Odd Bunch fresh fruit and vegetables

RSPCA-approved meat

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified, e.g. frozen hoki;  or Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)-certified fish, e.g. frozen basa

Certain tuna brands

Certain free-range eggs with a maximum outdoor stocking density of 1,500 hens per hectare, e.g. Macro organic eggs

Local food delivered to your door

Ooooby local, organic food (currently available in Sydney, New Zealand and California)

Feather and Bone, “locally-grown, pasture-raised meats that are mostly certified organic, bio-dynamic, PROOF or Humane Choice Free Range. We work towards a better food future by sourcing whole animals exclusively from regenerative farmers, using the whole body and promoting a balanced diet…. When you buy meat grown by these farmers, you’re playing an active role in supporting better land, animal and human welfare”