The Real Bok Choy /

Dr Rebecca Reynolds, PhD (Dr Bec), owner and co-founder, is:

a lecturer and researcher at UNSW Australia,

a registered nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia,

a health coach,

a writer,

an advocate for self-compassion and

a sensitive soul.

She is a leading Sydney nutritionist who specialises in eating disorders /

private consult with Dr Bec /

Our philosophy discourages dieting and promotes long-term behaviour balance for the prevention and treatment of overweight, chronic disease and eating disorders such as Orthorexia Nervosa.

The Real Bok Choy / is all about mostly:sometimes EAT DRINK MOVE THINKĀ® habits.

The Real Bok Choy regularly contributes to the media, providing a genuine and colourful voice to nutrition and wider lifestyle and their complex relationships with human health.

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