Real nutrition and lifestyle -
by Dr Rebecca Reynolds (PhD)

Hi! I’m Rebecca, founder of The Real Bok Choy®, a nutrition and lifestyle consultancy.

I completed my PhD in Human Nutrition at The University of Sydney before becoming a lecturer and researcher at UNSW Sydney, where I currently work part-time. I am also Registered Nutritionist (RNutr) with the Nutrition Society of Australia, a writer, a mum to a beautiful ginger baby and a sensitive human. I specialise in ethical eating and eating disorders, including orthorexia nervosa; and am regularly involved with the media in an effort to promote balanced nutrition information. I represent The Real McCoy in nutrition, i.e. a real, genuine, evidence-based voice.

Strict dietary rules? No, thanks. A self-compassionate lifestyle balance? Yes, please.

Nutrition isn’t just about nutrients. It’s also about emotions, family, body image, ethics, politics, etc…

EAT DRINK MOVE THINK® habits are meant to be positive overall, but not perfect.

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